Fruit flies can be a significant pest in the cooking area, particularly during the harvest season! If they’re driving you insane, try this simple DIY fruit fly trap that not just traps them, however eliminates them too! Follow these step-by-step instructions to eliminate fruit flies for good!

Easy DIY fruit fly trap.

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There are great deals of styles for Do It Yourself fruit fly traps around the internet. The fundamental concept is basically the same for all of them, and there are many alternatives of things to use for bait.

The bait can be anything from a piece of fruit, apple cider vinegar, fruit juice … well, basically anything that attracts fruit flies. But …

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I have actually tried numerous types of bait in my Do It Yourself fruit fly trap, but have actually run into two issues.

First, the bait has to be more appealing than anything else in your home; otherwise the fruit flies won’t be attracted to the trap.

The other issue: merely utilizing fruit, juice or vinegar in the trap will not eliminate the fruit flies … and it grosses me out to watch them flying and crawling around inside the trap.

Bottom line, I desire my fruit fly trap to kill the fruit flies, and kill them quickly.


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After much experimentation, I discovered that balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar blended with alcohol works the best.

Fruit flies can’t withstand the tasty vinegar, which’s what attracts them to the trap (even when the trap is sitting next to a stack of bananas!).

When the fruit flies eat the mix, the booze kills them. I do not understand if the alcohol kills the fruit flies when they drink it, or if they get intoxicated and drown. I don’t really care, as long as it works.

Material Needed:.

Balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar.
Plastic wrap.
Elastic band.

Action 1: Choosing a container– Be sure to use a disposable container, you do not desire dead fruit flies drifting around in a dish you eat or drink out of. I cut the complement of a plastic water bottle and utilized the bottom to make my trap.

Step 2: Add the bait– It is necessary that you utilize an excellent quality balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar to attract the fruit flies. Don’t utilize a pre-mixed salad dressing that has balsamic vinegar in it since that might not attract the fruit flies. Stick with the pure vinegars.

Step 3: Mix in the secret ingredient– Vodka is my secret active ingredient (ok, the not-so-secret component). It is what kills the fruit flies. I use a half and half mixture of vodka to vinegar. You only need a percentage of liquid in the trap.

Step 4: Protect plastic wrap over the top– Stretch cling wrap over the top of the trap. Then merely utilize an elastic band to hold the plastic in location.

Step 5: Poke holes in plastic– Leak a few small holes in the plastic. The fruit flies can enter into the trap through the holes, however can’t discover their method back out.

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I used vodka in my fruit fly trap since we had some on hand, but I’m sure any type of alcohol would work (though I have not experimented with any others).

Some sort of white wine work well too, however not all wines will attract fruit flies. However, like I said, fruit flies can’t resist a good quality balsamic or apple cider vinegar.

If you do not have alcohol in the house, I’ve heard that a couple of drops of dish soap added to the balsamic vinegar will kill the fruit flies too, so you can give that a shot.

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If you have an issue with fruit flies in your home, try this fruit fly trap and bait mixture. Within a brief time, you’ll have dead fruit flies in your trap. It works like a beauty.

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By the method, often people mistaken fungus gnats for fruit flies. If you have what seem fruit flies flying around your houseplants, those are fungi gnats and they aren’t going to be drawn in to a fruit fly trap. Click here to check out indoor bug control for fungi gnats … houseplant bug control for fungi gnats.