A reader on my Facebook page just recently asked a concern about damage he was seeing on his hosta plants. His concern was:

What is the best way to kill the ants that are chomping on our hostas.

grabmate / Pixabay

Fantastic concern. But, the damage to your hostas isn’t being triggered by ants, it’s slugs.

You probably have not discovered them due to the fact that they feed at night.

However look carefully in the shade or on a cloudy day, specifically after a rains, and you will likely find the perpetrator.

With all the rain we have actually been getting recently, the slugs in my garden are out completely force– and they are huge!

Eek, that’s the biggest slug I have actually ever seen in my garden.
Slugs can be a major discomfort in the garden. They consume holes in lots of plants, fruits and vegetables– and they especially love to consume hostas.

MabelAmber / Pixabay

I never ever had a significant problem with slugs in my garden up until I began growing hostas.

They would sometimes chew on my lettuce leaves or other winter plants in the cool wet spring. However they never ever caused significant damage.

annawaldl / Pixabay


There are a number of natural methods you might attempt to help control slugs in your garden.

Hand choosing might be a slimy task, but it is one way to control slugs. You can go out in the morning, and hand select them off the plants.

You can utilize cardboard to make this job a bit much easier. Slugs love cardboard. Merely lay some cardboard down near affected plants and keep it moist.

In the morning, turn the cardboard over and you will probably discover a number of slugs. Pick off the slugs and drown them in soapy water, or squish them.

Pexels / Pixabay

Slugs likewise like beer. Location a shallow meal of beer near the plants they like one of the most.

Sink the dish into the mulch or soil so the top of the meal is level with the ground (so the slugs can get in). The slugs will climb up in for a beverage and drown. Yes!

Slug– slimy.
Perhaps you do not wish to share your beer with the slugs, and who can blame you?

Squashed eggshells can be utilized as an organic pesticide, and can eliminate slugs that slide across it.

MabelAmber / Pixabay

Simply spray crushed eggshells around the base of the plants. The sharp eggshells will cut slugs up and dry them out.

crushed egg shells to safeguard versus slug damage.
Egg shells around base of hosta.
You could likewise buy a product called diatomaceous earth, which works the exact same method. It works fantastic for managing all sorts of garden pests.

eggshells as natural pest control.
Eggshells to eliminate slugs.
Salt will also dry slugs out and eliminate them; but too much salt is bad for the soil, so I don’t recommend utilizing salt to control slugs unless you want to spray it straight on them.

Slug, yuck!
Slugs love cool, wet and dubious gardens the best, so concentrate your troubleshooting to these locations of your garden.

Just like any garden bug, persistence is essential. If you have major damage to your garden, it may take several tries to get the slugs under control.

But it’s worth the effort to keep your gardens free of pesticides, and looking their best.