Keeping dahlia bulbs for winter season really isn’t very hard, and it’s well worth the effort. That method, you can grow your preferred dahlia flower bulbs year after year! In this post, I’ll show you how to dig up the tubers, and offer you step-by-step instructions for overwintering dahlias.

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I like dahlias. I mean who does not, right?

Dahlias are a stunning addition to any summertime garden, and they include such a cool tropical feel.

The very best part is that you can easily overwinter dahlia bulbs in your home, and plant them in your garden again next year!


I keep in mind the first time I found dahlias. I saw a giant dinnerplate dahlia in a public garden … and it took my breath away.

I had no idea what it was, but I understood I had to have it!

So, when I got home I hurried to my computer immediately and started obsessing about it. After a few smart searches, I rapidly discovered the ID of my most recent favorite plant.

Of course I HAD to have one in my garden, and immediately ended up being a lady on an objective. It wasn’t long up until I had my reward.

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One sweet, beautiful, plump (plump?) dahlia bulb.

After giving it numerous kisses and doting on it (TMI? Possibly.), I got my shovel and went out to the garden. I lost no time getting my new infant into the ground.

Several weeks later, I was rewarded with those beautiful giant flowers I was dreaming about (I make certain the kisses made all the difference).

However, with our short growing season, it wasn’t long before frost was in the projection and panic set in.

Frost is constantly a major buzz kill!

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Dahlias are tropical flowers, and they are not frost hardy. Dahlias can live for several years in warmer environments. But if you live in a cold environment like I do (Minnesota), dahlias won’t endure through the winter season outside (boooo!).

So, I knew my new preferred flower wasn’t long for this world, but I didn’t wish to lose it forever. So what did I do … (are you in thriller yet? Maybe a couple of more dots …).

… I dug up my dahlia flower bulb and saved it for winter season. Naturally!

Dahlias make a gorgeous addition to the garden or in summer pots, and they are a definite must in my garden every year (nowadays I grow a number of varieties).

However do not worry, you can keep your favorite dahlias and regrow them every year in your garden, even if you live in a frozen tundra like I do!

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Fortunately is that you can collect dahlia flower bulbs (BTW, technically they are bulbs not bulbs, however I don’t see the Dahlia Cops around, so we’re great) and keep them in your house over the winter.

Then you can regrow them every year. It’s a substantial money saver. And guess what? It’s extremely easy to do too. Woohoo!


Prior to storing dahlia bulbs for winter, you need to first dig them out of your garden (dah!).

But, if you grew your dahlia in a pot, you can skip this action and simply leave it in the pot all winter season. Just cut back the foliage, bring the pot within, and store it in a cool, dry location up until spring.

If your dahlias remain in your garden, follow these quick actions to get them prepared for storage …

Collect your dahlia flower bulbs after frost has actually eliminated the foliage.
Carefully get rid of any excess dirt.
Cut off the stems and leaves.
Enable big bulbs to cure (dry out a bit) for a couple of days before saving. Smaller dahlia bulbs do not require to treat.
That’s it.

No need to wash all the dirt off your dahlia bulbs or split them apart. Just leave them in one big clump with a bit of dirt and they’re all set for winter season storage.

How To Shop Dahlia Bulbs for Winter.
Overwintering Dahlia Bulbs.


There are great deals of ways of saving dahlia bulbs for winter.

Some people have fantastic success just tossing their dahlia bulbs into a paper bag and saving them on a rack in their basement.

But little bulbs can dry utilizing this technique. So I choose to take a safer dahlia storage approach.

Supplies Needed:.

Cardboard box.
Dry to a little damp packing material (I utilize peat moss, coco coir, wood chips (pet bed linen is fantastic) or sawdust. Whatever’s least expensive or I already have.) You might also utilize a mix of vermiculite and perlite if you have that on hand.
Line the bottom of the box with paper (optional, but it assists to keep the packing product from falling through the cracks) and a layer of packaging material.
Lay the dahlia bulb in the box so it will be surrounded by the packing product.
You can store a number of dahlia flower bulb clumps in one box, but attempt to load them so they’re not touching each other.
Fill the box with packing product so that your dahlia bulbs are completely covered.
Close package and put it on a shelf (or whatever area you have). It’s important that your dahlia storage area is a cool, dry location that remains above freezing. If it’s too warm, your dahlia bulbs might rot.
Simple, right? Yes! I told you it was simple.

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You can try utilizing different kinds of packaging materials for keeping dahlia bulbs for winter season, or simply try wrapping bigger bulbs in newspaper and loading them in boxes.

Experiment to find the dahlia storage technique that works best for you.

Whatever you do however, do not save dahlia flower bulbs in plastic bags or containers. If they are kept too damp they will likely rot or get musty.